The Writer’s Blues

I don’t get depressed that often but today I am… Some things have not only gone wrong but the wheels have fallen off the cart. My references for my PhD haven’t arrived at the university. Now this could be an email that has got into the spam folder or it never arrived or I wrote the email down wrong… It could be anything or a variation of them. It doesn’t really matter. The result is the same…

My application can’t be processed. Now this wouldn’t be a problem but I am trying for funding. I am hoping that my references will send the forms in soon (but if this is the first time they’ve heard from the university it may take some time) and that I haven’t missed any deadlines for the funding. But still I find myself completely disheartened, and no one to blame.

Then there is the government. Like most small businesses I rely on working tax credits for a little money (and it really is a little being less than jobseeker’s allowance). But they have opened a case about my claim because there is another adult living with me!

Shock! Horror!

“Yes,” I said the the woman on the phone. “There are two. My parents.”


But that simple mistake means I have to send a copy of my birth certificate and a bill to the company who are working on behalf of the government in order to continue to get working tax credits. I realise I am old to be living with my mum and dad but it isn’t completely unheard of. And then it would have been nice to have got a pleasant enquiry letter rather than an aggressive one says that I now owed them money and a fee. I mean it’s an easy fix but has left me feeling like a crook.

Never mind. By Monday all the emails and letters will be sent and, hopefully, everything will be sorted and my life back on track. Until then I may sulk.

6 thoughts on “The Writer’s Blues

  1. Oh, how depressing. At least the days are getting a little longer and spring is starting to appear on the horizon. I have planted some seeds this week and that always perks me up, with the anticipation of new shoots. Fingers crossed all your admin stuff gets sorted out without too much trouble.

    1. I hope so. I turned to the garden to feel better as well. I now have some strawberries in the polytunnel and hopefully a small crop later this year. 🙂

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