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Research is the pits… but I love it…

I really do. When I get an idea I sit down and write a plan. It normally starts as one sentence which I expand to a paragraph and then I start to think about semantics. How does this world exist?

Sometimes that is an easy ask, like the WIP which is set completely in one house over one day, but this new idea has been one that I’m having to create a world for. A world that has been stuck in the time of the Stuarts… That doesn’t sound too odd except that I don’t know anything about the Stuarts.

I remember during my A-levels (an awful long time ago) I studied the Tudors, but I failed the A-level, so I can’t rely on that. And anyway I need the era 50 years later, which in the lives of the people who lived there, one and a half generations would have passed. Can you imagine talking about modern life, but in terms of what our grandparents were like? It just doesn’t work. So I need to know what happened then and there, in that year if possible.

Then there is the other problem. It’s based in Scotland. I love Scotland, but the history I’m looking at is very different to what was happening in England and Wales. Even the belief system was different. So I’m having to start from the top…

Which takes time.

Which means that I’m being taken away from writing.

Yet I really love the research. So I’m having to balance it. And at the moment that isn’t working. I’m either doing the WIP or drawing. The new idea is languishing in its folder. The new idea is a kids book so not as big, but full of little details. I have to get them right.

So at the moment research is the pits because I have a very large and steep mountain to climb, yet with every sentence I read, I can’t help but love it. I just love to learn. But I must remember that I’m creating a story, not writing a history book. I need to learn enough but not too much.

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