Masters tales

Money makes the world go around…

And I really wish it didn’t. Would I be showing my geek-ness if I said that I long for a Star Trek society where it is who you are that gets you places in life and not how much is in your pocket?

Yeah I think my geek is showing tonight…

Money is tight, it happens when opening a new business but at the moment, it being Christmas, I’m feeling it more than normal. It’s not the fact I can’t buy gifts, it’s more that the money is leaking out of my purse and I can see my finances dwindling. Saying that though, I have just picked up a number of pet portraits that will get me through this month.

I’m not complaining. Honestly… Okay, maybe I’m having a small rant.

I guess I’m just going to have to do some ghost-writing as well. I’m only sulking because it takes away from my own writing, although not as much as a part-time job would.

Sorry for the rant.

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