Masters tales

The beginning of the month

December is here already… Where did the time go?

I know that I have been plagued with bad luck lately, but it has snuck up on me this year. From this evening I am putting up the local Santa’s grotto and getting ready for my last Christmas show.

The last!

Yet I am sure that November just started a moment ago?!?

So this month is all about catching up on last month. My WIP has stalled but I’m hopeful that it will be back on track by the end of December. My PhD will also be hurtling along at a snails pace. I know it is only the proposal but I want it to be good. So I’m going to write it as well as I can, that does mean that I’ve got to take a step back and breath.

The bad news is that I have been popped back on the nasty weight giving pills to stop my migraines. The absolutely brilliant news – I haven’t had a migraine since going on them. I think I can live with the side effects at the moment if the benefits are so good.

So after a weekend of shows, no pain and lemon cake I think I am ready for December.

But for now I’m going to indulge and do some writing.

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