The Light

The light – what has happened to Bitsy? #thegone #amwriting

The Gone

Around me there is light everywhere and it hurts. I think I’m screaming, but I can’t hear anything. I can feel hands holding me down and the roughness of concrete on my back. I can also hear laughter and a soft thumping noise. Everything seems too loud and the light is hurting my eyes.

“I think she is coming round,” a voice says and I can tell it is Colin, although he sounds as if he is yelling in my ear instead of talking normally.

The light is gone and I can see his concerned face looking at me.

“What?” I ask and then I remember what they did. “How could you” I cry and crawl backwards away from them.

Max had been holding my legs but now he puts his hands up, palms out, as if letting me know he was harmless. Except I know the truth.

“You turned…

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