Geeks and Hackers

Will Bitsy find anyone on the internet? Is the internet even working?

The Gone

The page opens and I watch as the hospital title appears. I know that this doesn’t necessarily mean that the internet is working. Typing in the address of a well-known search engine I keep everything crossed. It loads.

Making no sound I punch the air. Now I just have to find someone on. First though I type in BBC news.

Page not found.

Shit. Next I try my social media. Nothing. Finally I just type in yesterday’s date. There are only ten options and one of them is a forum. I click that one.

Do you want to join or use anonymously?

I click on the second and I’m in.

There is only one new heading – what is happening?

I enter and type:

Guest 234: Is anyone there?

J.H.: I am, comes the answer.

Guest 234: Who are you?

J.H.: John, you?

Guest 234: Bitsy. Do you know what’s…

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