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Kid’s Books and Kindle

I got an email last night and it said that Kindle was launching something new… A Kindle Kid’s Book Creator. 

Oh er…

Was my first thought.


My second.

Now, I understand that Amazon is a massive conglomerate and that most don’t like them, but for me they have made things possible that I never imagined. I have books for sale thanks to Amazon, and I hope to have more. Normally I just do a few illustrations for my adult books but with this new programme I should be able to create children’s books.

The programme itself is free but does take time to download. It is only a creator though. you have to have the illustrations and words ready. Looking at it and  reading the manual is seems to be there for picture books and chapter books. It isn’t for paper books either, instead this is the ebook market. And with the ipad, Kindle fire and tablet computers lots of kids are looking at books that are full colour.

Think about it. You are a busy mum and have a huge bag full of nappies, cream, wipes, toys… and books? No, the books will go, but you will probably have a tablet or device (even a phone) and the ability to just download the book has got to appealing. 

Even I did the other day for my nephew. So why not give mum’s one of mine to download?

That got me thinking and I decided that my first picture book will be a self-published one. But that is a project for next year. This year I am booked solid. Still, I can’t help but be swamped with ideas. 

Fancy having a look at this new programme? Then go HERE.

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