Keyboards and passwords

Is Bitsy going to survive on her own? The next part of ‘The Gone’.

The Gone

I can’t stop shaking but as I step into the gloom there is no hissing or screams, instead everything remains the same. Breath explodes out of me as I realise that I have been holding it. Setting my sights on the door I walk forward. I don’t look around, I can’t. I only have a little while to get in, find the information and get out. There is no way I want to be trapped here in the dark. Not with those things. I reach the glass doors and cup my hands to peer inside. I can see the reception desk. There is no movement. I consider banging on the glass, but that might bring others and I want to be quiet and quick.

As I push on the door it swings quietly inward. I stand on the beige linoleum floor and shiver, not in fear but because the air…

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