The Warrior

The second part to Chapter 5…

The Gone

The creature must have hit something on the wall. Just above its twitching form is a square button. I look along and there is another, closer to Colin. It must activate the door.

“Colin,” I say. “The button.” I point with my good arm and he sees it.

My other arm is numb and I can’t feel my hand at all. I try to shake it but the pain from my upper arm makes me gasp. Colin reaches backwards for the button and pushes it. The door to the outside starts to open. As he is turning the creature reaches up and grabs his arm, sinking its claws into his flesh. It then releases him as Max hits it again with the extinguisher. The doors behind me are open as I stand. Do I run or help?

With one arm useless I’m not sure what I can do but I…

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