Masters tales

I survived day 1

I have survived! And I even enjoyed myself. So far I have met a load of entrepreneurs, from gardeners to digital video makers. There are a smattering of linguistics and a number of artists. In fact those of us on the course are as different as different can be. 

I was also expected us to all be recent graduates, and I suppose we are, but we are all at different stages of our lives. It is as a diverse a group as I’ve ever seen, and yet somehow it works. We all seem to be able to work together, or rather, we have enough respect that we all listen to each other. They even listened to me, despite my rather mad suggestions. 

In fact, I am optimistic that I not only am I going to enjoy myself but I think I might learn something. Tomorrow I will find out if my ideas are viable… I think they are, but we shall see what my peers think so. 

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