Spooky Tales – I am published!

I missed it…

I mean I really missed it…

I have been published AND it has been out for a few months AND I didn’t notice!

How could I do that???

I know that I submit to a number of magazines and journals but I like to keep track of the anthologies, but this one slipped past me. And what really annoys me is that I love the story. I think it is one of the creepiest I have ever written. So here I am readers – apologising.

I am really sorry, but I missed it.

The anthology published by What the Dickens is available to download as an ebook. If you get it then I hope you enjoy it.


My story is called ‘The Constant Bicycle’ – a young girl goes to collect her sister but as night falls she realises that she is not alone…

8 thoughts on “Spooky Tales – I am published!

    1. Thanks. Bit of a shock. I know have a book with all my stories that have been published. Can’t believe I lost one… I was about to re-submit it too. :/

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