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Where do you write?

Today, as I type I am sat in the main house of Aberglasney Gardens. I am surrounded by green and colour. The house is beautiful and apart from a history tape that is on a loop everything is very tranquil.

Why are you there? I hear you ask.

Well, I’m looking after the exhibition for the morning. Four hours of art sitting, and I have to admit it is not that bad at all. Although I have a feeling that I will be word perfect on the history by the end.

It is very quiet. But then considering the storms that have been raging I am not surprised. The rain has stopped but there are only two guests and they have just walked past the windows of the main house, missing the art. It is a shame the art is very good. The Mid Wales Art group is quite large and we have taken up all three large rooms. There is everything from wildlife art to sculpture.

But I am not just sitting here twiddling my thumbs. Instead I have bought my writing. Really that just meant throwing the laptop in a bag this morning, but I feel organised…

So I have written a blog post for The Gone and I am about to start work on the novel. Four hours of enforced work is on the way. So where are you writing today? And why are you writing there?

3 thoughts on “Where do you write?

  1. Such vivid beautiful language. I can see in my mind, painting a picture through your words. Today I wrote in Central Park, sitting under a big oak tree. Clouds cover the sky. The air was unusually cool for late July. I wrote in my red leather bound journal. Only for about an hour. I worked on a scene from my screenplay.


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