Accident and Emergency

The next part of Chapter 4.

The Gone

“It’s so quiet,” I say and wince at how loud my voice is.

Colin nods and Max is walking too far head to acknowledge that I’ve said anything.

“What do you think has happened?”

I know that I am talking just to break the silence but I have to. You see it is so alien. When was the last time I heard nothing? In my everyday life there is always something going on, something humming or buzzing. In the background there are voices or cars. Even when I go to my grandmother’s place there are cars on the small road, punctuating the sound of the electricity. Maybe I have a radio on or perhaps the TV, but something is always there. Now there is nothing.

I mean, it isn’t just the electricity and gadgets that are missing, but the people. Even the birds are silent. Except for the large black…

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