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My first show as an Artist and Author

So I went. It was a small show, but in the end it didn’t cost me anything and I walked away with a small profit. But I was very nervous.

I did have support though. Mum came and cheered me on, and I did need it as it was a quiet show. But the good news is I have 4 books left for my Etsy shop. I will sign them and pop them into the shop tomorrow.

But that’s for tomorrow…

Today my stall looked like this:



And these are my framed prints and booklets that were for sale. I have more copies of everything except the booklets. I’ll slowly be putting everything on Etsy as the next week goes on.



Yes, even on Etsy I will have them up at half price. The squirrel is an original watercolour…



And finally… The stuff I’m producing now including the book and artwork. The drawings are prints and I’ll be putting them in Etsy too!



And that was what the stall looked like. I like the colours and will use them next time, but I’m hoping that the stall will look very different with all new artwork.

Now I’m off for a nap – I’m really tired…

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