Dyslexic tales


I need routine. I mean, I really need it. I think it’s the aspergers in me. Change is a fearful monster lurking in brightly lit corners and warmer weather.

My routine is always disrupted in warm weather. I know it has more to do with planting and shows and all the differences of weather that lets you get out without wearing your whole wardrobe. It may be the one reason I love winter.

In the winter I get up and feed my hound, take her for a run, go to work… And that is it. I mean I have lunch and sometimes take Meg for another run, but that really is about it.

In the summer it is never the same. I am out in the morning or afternoon. I do a show here and there. I meet writing groups, and I go out to meet friends. I walk Meg when I want to… It changes every day. But I long for that routine.

As the weather turns and the sun gives out a weak light I find myself relaxing. It’s time, I think. Now I can hibernate until the spring.


This post was inspired by the daily prompt – just another day.

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