Short Stories

Love, Just, Is

The new anthology has gone through its first edit and I have dropped two of the stories. It’s odd but the one story is one of my favourites and close to my heart, but it just didn’t hold up to the others. There is nothing wrong with it. Except maybe the fact it has been worked and re-worked a little too much and felt tired.

So with a heavy heart I have removed it.

The other story was just too soppy for the anthology. I know it is all about love but I don’t need to write sappy stuff. It’s still a half decent story but it didn’t hold up against the others, all of which have a little bit of a twist…

So, all in all, the anthology has twenty three stories and seven illustrations. I have one more illustration to complete and then another round of editing. Then it goes off to the publisher. I’ll have a publication date as soon as I can. And the cover image to show you!

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