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A Tale of Two Fictions

If I was able to split my time it would be to write two things at once. And, yes, I know that the daily prompt has asked to split myself between two places, but I want to live in two worlds. Three if you count reality.

My ideal would be to write the short story anthology and the novel and still spend time with my family. I find it the hardest part about writing – the time you have to take out. And it has to be a job.

It is difficult. It isn’t just about time, but also about the research and the effort it takes.

It is hard work, sometimes I wish it were just time, but I can walk out of the workshop completely exhausted. And there is no way I can go from a short story straight into the novel – the characters have arguments and can try to jump books! So there has to be a gap or even different days.

If I could write both at the same time then I’d get the work done faster… And I’d have time to just relax instead of the incessant niggle that argues I haven’t worked enough.

But that is another problem. Trying to see writing as work. The guilt sometimes from tapping at the computer instead of doing a ‘real job’ can be huge. But I’m sticking to it. I am hoping that this year will see two short story anthologies (one very soon) and at least one novel…

It’s a massive amount of work and it would be great if I could clone myself and write two things at the same time. Otherwise I guess I have just got to get on with it… 🙂

17 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Fictions

      1. Thank you. I can get muddled, especially with smaller characters. Some of my minor characters now have their own stories, just because they fit. 🙂

      2. I guess it is in some ways similar to my (much less timely) love of writing poetry.. usually I start with one thought and then the rest will write itself. 🙂 (Like your smaller characters with their own stories)

      3. It does sound the same. Poetry for me is a tough slog to the end. Very envious that you can create it out of one idea. 🙂

      4. 🙂 We are all given different gifts. I have never been able to create a fiction, other than in poetry.. so we are evenly understanding of each other 🙂

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