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Doors and oportunities

I talk a lot to other entrepreneurs. Yes, I know I am a writer and artist but that makes me an entrepreneur. I am self-employed so I have a business. It is odd but I know that most people don’t see you as a business person if you are a writer. Instead, you are a creator.

But in today’s internet-filled world of ebooks and self-publishing you have to run your writing as a business. There is still the traditional route but it is still incredibly hard to crack. And if you want to make a living at writing, and you are a not worried about hitting the big-time of fame and notoriety, then you can self-publish to a decent wage (I’ve not experienced this yet but I know people who have). But you have to see the writing in terms of business not creativity.

I manage by treating it as two different jobs. The first, the creative side, gets me out of bed. It is this that makes me smile and laugh, and love what I do. The other involves spreadsheets and formatting, and is not the most wonderful thing. But it can have its positives. To finally hold a book in your hand at the end and think – that is all mine… – is just a wonderful experience.

And the quote that I find most inspirational has to be this one:

You see it is up to you to find the opportunities. I never want to be asked in older life – how did you make it? And to give a blank stare and say I waited. I never want to wait. I find waiting torturous. Sometimes I do, but I am ungraceful in my stillness. I am much happier knocking down walls and working hard to get where I dream I might be one day. The opportunities I have been given have normally resulted on me putting my fist through a window and waving at the person on the inside. Metaphorically of course. 🙂

This post was inspired by the daily prompt – pick me up.

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