Fire in the soil

I don’t blog much about my vegetable patch, although I have a third of an acre that I work on. But earlier this year, despite the bad weather, we had a disaster… No chilies. Although that is a bit of a lie, we had one.

Sweet peppers we have masses of them but the hot chilies were a failure. Now, normally I know that this wouldn’t be an issue but we use them in every meal. And I mean every meal.

My dad is Indian and we like spicy food, but we don’t eat currys all the time. I mean I love a good curry but I also like other foods. We have a wide diet of a lot of different foods. Most of which we rear or grow ourselves (yes we eat our own animals). But the spices are very important.

In our house if you sit down to soup there will be chili in there. Not a massive amount but enough to give it depth. So when we got only the one plant I started to panic. Normally we grow three different types and yet here was just the jalapeno, and a single plant.

So I decided to buy some more. Except something niggled in the back of my mind. I was sure that a friend had got me an odd Christmas present. Something to do with chocolate…

But it hadn’t been chocolate. Instead it was chocolate plants; daisies, sweet peppers, tomatoes and (thank goodness) chilies. So three weeks ago I put them in. All of them.

I have just checked and there they are – ten tiny plants. Chocolate chilies… Not sure what they will taste like but the brown fruits will be hot and that makes them fine in my book.

If you do have a lot of chilies and you need to store them then just freeze them in a pot. Don’t wash them, or if you do make sure they are 100% dry before you pop them in the freezer. Then just remove the one you want and chop it up from frozen. Easy. If they go into the freezer dry then they don’t stick together and you can use them as you want. We always have a large ice-cream tub of them by the end of the growing season which we use through out the winter. This year though they will mostly be brown – and I don’t mind that at all. (Although they are very very hot so we may be only using a little of them in a soup…)

This post was inspired by the daily prompt – ring of fire.

23 thoughts on “Fire in the soil

    1. They can indeed. I was surprised at the failure though as we have had great weather here. I’m wondering whether the seeds were just too old.

  1. Good post. I like that you grow most of what you eat. I also like the added spices to pretty much everything. I haven’t had authentic Indian cuisine yet, but it is on my “to eat list”. Thanks for sharing. Let us know how the chocolate chillis turn out. Personally I love chocolate with chili. I JUST mentioned it on my blog!

  2. This kind of eating habit is similar in Jamaica; the chillies or pepper as we call it, gives the food that zest n flavour. It’s real funny to see people with watery eyes after eating or while cooking it.

    1. It is. We forget that people aren’t used to chilies in everything and it can be a little funny as their eyes start watering. 🙂

  3. Chocolate and chilli seems to have become quite popular and you can certainly buy bars of the stuff here in the UK. I was not too keen to try at first, but now I’m hooked. What a great combination, what did nobody think of that years ago?

    1. I know… Although my favourite spiced chocolate is meant to be a Mayan recipe… If you can believe the packaging. 🙂

  4. I have never thought about freezing my chillies; but than I am not much of a gardener really. I grow herbs in pots mostly. I kill anything with a flower on it!

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