Dyslexic tales

Dyslexia and novel writing

I have been having dyslexic problems. Most of the time it is there in the background, just sitting and not doing anything much. I know my limits and I live within them.

But I am trying to make a living writing. Now I can write small stuff – the short story is my favourite form of writing, but when I try to write anything longer I hit a wall. Although a better analogy would be a ceiling made of glass.

You see part of me is scared to smash that glass. If I do will my writing be as good? I don’t know. But I have got to get past my little dyslexic problem…

What is it? I hear you ask.

Well, I just can’t hold any long story in my head. I can’t sequence so I don’t write it in the right order. Then, I get so anxious about my writing that I forget the simple fact I am a writer and not a reporter of facts. I forget metaphors and using all my senses to describe things. Everything I’ve learnt goes out the window.

So how do I get round it?

I’m not certain. I am trying to plan, but I just don’t know if I am getting everything in the right place. My editor has looked over the outline and plan to make sure I have the girl meeting the boy in the right place and the baddies working right, but it isn’t ideal.

I’m hoping in time that it will get easier but right now I am having issues and it is getting me down a bit. Luckily, the next piece that will be published is an anthology of short stories, but I am hoping that before the end of the summer my first novel will be ready to be published…

So keep everything crossed because I need the support at the moment. I’m definitely having a depressing dyslexic moment.

3 thoughts on “Dyslexia and novel writing

  1. In a way, I can relate…. I don’t have dyslexia (though may have a – Undiagnosed – verbal form)…. I’ll get a story floating around in my head, but can never seem to get it down on paper, especially longer ones. Can’t seem to keep focused.

    Best of luck to you Kate – I know you can do this!!

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