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When I describe my characters and I want them to be sexy I tend to focus on one element. Maybe it is the line of their legs or their hair, or, in guys, it has to be their forearms and torsos. But am I using my own experiences?

Well, I know that every male lead I describe I fall a little in love with, even the bad guys. Who wouldn’t? I am writing a sexy man and it is my version of sexy. In woman I describe what I think men would like. I don’t often get it wrong, but there is always the first time. Sexy can be something as simple as a man tucking a woman into his side and wrapping his arms around her, reveling in her small waist. Of course, she in turn is focused on his broad back and scent. But it is a sexy image.

But the daily prompt hasn’t asked how I write sexy, but how I am sexy. Am I? Some have thought so, but me? Well, I find sexiness difficult. My main purpose when I get up is not to reach for the sexiest clothing but to reach for the most comfortable. I feel at my best when I am confident and relaxed, and I think that is what makes a woman sexy.

You can be wearing the most revealing clothing in the world, but if you are stood rigidly and are so self conscious that you are giving off ‘get-away’ vibes, then you are not sexy. But if you are comfortable and laughing, even in jeans and a t-shirt, you can be the most beautiful and attractive being on the planet.

Think about the leading men in the movies. They are given the best clothes, make-up and designers, but it is their performance you fall for. Take any of the Doctor Who’s. I love their personalities, before their looks. How do I know? Well, take the last, Mat Smith, when he became the Doctor I thought – really? Then I watched him play the part and I fell for the character. What makes a person sexy? I has to be what is on the inside.

So, okay, I may look like I am wearing a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a hoodie, but on the inside I know I am sexy, because I feel it. So what is my sexiest outfit? Well, that is easy. All of them. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Sexy…

  1. I completely agree with you. Especially regarding the part of Matt Smith as the Doctor. I was so struck by David Tennant and his performance, and therefore his overall sexiness, that I didn’t think anyone would be able to top him. That is until I saw Matt eating fish fingers and custard with Amy Pond. It was that moment that I fell in love with the personality he brought to the character and the more that I watched the sexier he become. He has, ever since, been my Doctor. 😀

      1. I was super sad to see Matt go as well. I miss him everyday. But yes, like you said I can’t wait for Capaldi. I think he’s going to be brilliant. 😀

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