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That moment

The moment I decided I wanted more than I had. What I mean is that I wanted more than making toys for a living, and I’m not talking money. If anything since writing I can safely say that my wage has become worse. I mean that I wanted more than just sewing… I wanted to follow my dreams.

The Daily Prompt has asked for a song that invokes a memory. I thought about it and popped my song list on and this came up…

Until I heard it again I hadn’t realised but it was at this moment I decided to become something more. It was playing in the background. I was working on a soft toy order. It was late and night had snuck up on me. I could see the lights of the house and movement inside, and I wondered what I was doing…

You see I wasn’t making masses of money, instead I was working all hours to bring in enough. So I put down the work. I remember I had the beginning of a headache and my eyes were refusing to focus well. I walked inside.

“You finished?” Mum asked.

“Yeah… I think I am. But the order needs finishing.”

It was just before Christmas four years ago (2010). That Christmas my Aunt bought me a black leather journal and I started writing. It just all happened at the same time. It took me four years to make up my mind and get enough courage to go full-time with the writing. I know I am only in my second week, but I know it was the right decision.

Mainly because I am smiling more, and I am able to get out of the workshop sometimes to work on the smallholding. Something I could barely do because orders were always waiting.

Still it is early days yet. So far I have had one rejection and I am sure I’ll get more. But I am not regretting it – not one bit. 😀

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