The Worst Jobs

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At the moment I am having to split my time between writing, drawing and the smallholding. I’m not sure if you know, but I share a smallholding with my parents. My dad looks after the animals and birds, and me and mum are in charge of the orchard and vegetable patch. Now that doesn’t mean we all work exclusively on just our tasks, but it does mean that we tend to work at our own pace.

The last month had been awful here for rain and storms. So all the planting is behind by about a month. And that is the worst job ever.

You see the weeds haven’t stopped growing. They didn’t look at the weather and decide not to spread. So all the beds are untouched and covered in a month of weed growth. The worst one has lost its edges and become part of the grass path.

We also had to turn the sheep onto the ground because there was more grass on the paths than in their field. And their little hooves have compacted the ground. Ground which is waterlogged.

So at the moment I am having to dig over the vegetable patch… A job I do not look forward to. The problem is that if I don’t then we don’t get any fresh vegetables.

Did I also mention that the veg patch is about a quarter of an acre in size?

The good news is that I might actually get fit… Possibly… As long as I leave off the chocolate biscuits.

This post was inspired by the daily prompt – back on the chain gang.

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