Short Stories


I am in the middle of an allergic reaction. Just bites, but lots of them. Some horrible flea/mosquito/bug has made a feast of me. Now that in itself is annoying and itchy but not too much of a problem. I have medication… And that is where the dreams come in. You see the drugs make me sleepy but the dreams are incredible.

Normally I dream in colour and sound, but when on antihistamines I can smell and feel. They are more like real-life than normal. And I have had some nightmares. The kind that wakes you in a cold sweat expecting to see a man stood over your bed dressed in black and holding a knife. Those sorts of nightmare that make you sleep the rest of the night with the light on.

But the dream this afternoon was a good one. I was sat on a big speaker, like the ones you used to be able to see in a 1990’s nightclub. They are so loud that your ears stop working and all you can hear is the vibration travelling through your body. At the time though the speaker wasn’t on. Instead I am just sitting there watching what is going on. And it is the oddest thing.

I can see a stage and on the stage is another stage. There is a boy and a woodland creature and… Well, it’s the scene in my book I’ve been working on for my masters. But it’s being acted out.

There are others around as well. Cameras and sound equipment and just as I am getting used to it someone yells…

“That’s a wrap!”

Then this dark haired man walks over.

“What do you think?”

“I’m confused?”

“Was it not the same?”

“Same?” I ask, looking down on him and wondering which rabbit hole I’d fallen down.

“As your book?”


He looks at me and shakes his head. “Girl, you are just weird.” Then he walks off.

Everyone else ignores me. Then I wake…

And that is one of my best and most real dream. I could smell the dust and feel the sharp edge of the speaker on the back of my legs. If I hadn’t of woken I wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference.

Of course, it was a dream. I don’t even have a book published let alone sold any film rights. I know it was just pie in the sky, but maybe one day…

Although there is one thing… Why the speaker? I don’t understand that. Why would I be sat on a massive speaker from a 1990’s nightclub?

This post was written in response of the daily prompt – Sweet Dreams.

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