Aceos – what?

A friend suggested I did some.

“What about aceos?” she said.


“They are so cute, and they can sell well.”

“Yeah,” I said. “I’ll look into it.”

What I actually meant was – I have no idea what you are talking about.

So I came home and hit Google. ACEOs are artist trading cards either as original drawings and paintings or limited edition prints. Just Google them and have a look at the images. There are masses some are good, some not, some are abstract, others photographic. The versatility is huge. But there are rules…

They have to be 2½ by 3½ inches, either portrait or landscape. That is tiny…

Usually they are sold in their own plastic case and they created on a tough material, like wood, thick card or watercolour paper.

I did think about these as they are quite small and I worry about my eyes, but if I use good lighting and only work for short periods there shouldn’t be a problem. Hopefully in the future I will have some aceos or artist trading cards available for sale.

Can’t decide though whether to use Esty, Folksy or eBay. Any other artists out there with any advice?

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