Masters tales

A Giant Leap!

I made a giant step.

It was huge and so scary.

Like I’d walked to the edge of a cliff and looked down. You know, just like when you were a child. But when you’re a child that rush of fear and excitement can leave you tingling and happy to be alive. Because as a child you know that you are immortal. That nothing can hurt you.

By the time you are older, and middle-age is not so very far away, that cliff is not a place of excitement but one of dread. Now you know that you can fall, and fall hard. You know you can break bones and when you fall you might not make it back up. Yet at times that giant step must be taken.

When Neil Armstrong took that step into the unknown he must have been full of fear. I don’t think my dilemma was the same, after all he was testing a suit in a vacuum knowing that one wrong move would result in a death that millions would see. And my leap…

Well, no one here seemed to notice too much. I think I came in from the workshop and said…

“That’s it. The last toy is gone.”

What I didn’t say was – I am now reliant on my writing to make a living. Oh, and I don’t actually have anything that anyone can buy. But I am sure it will work out fine…

My giant leap.

Hopefully I will get everything done. There will be a selection of short stories and my book will get published and… Well, that all my dreams will become a reality.

My step was no less scary to me, but I do wish I could channel the child in me just to feel for that moment the tingle of excitement. I’m sure I will, but at the moment all I have is fear. That cliff looks awful high from here.

This post in inspired by the daily prompt – Walking on the Moon.

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