Sausages and creativity

This morning I woke with a headache. Not unusual for me but instead of turning over and falling asleep again I got up and took a painkiller. Today is a big day. We have just had our pig killed and this is the day we make sausages.

Lots of them.

Now, it all starts this afternoon and I thought – I’ll just go write a short story and then get on with the sausage-making.

Except it hasn’t worked out that way. Firstly because we are making a huge amount of sausages in all different flavours. And that is what is going around my head – recipes…

I can’t think of a story. Just what flavouring I need to put with the pork.

Sorry – this morning is a fail. I’ll try again later on. I do find it odd when my creativity just leaves. I never notice until it is gone and then it feels like a pair of car keys I’ve misplaced. It isn’t far away but just out of reach for the moment.

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