Short Stories

Fashion and fads

I was an odd child. I never followed fashion, too interested in being comfy. In the end I would just wear what I wanted.

There was the red-spotted sock incident. Basically I was a kid when the fad was coloured socks, short ones. All mine were white. We had no money so I had to wait for my birthday. Six months later I had my socks.

“Why you wearing them?” one girl asked, cornering me in front of the science block. She hadn’t been alone. There were four of them. All of them my tormentors.

“What?” I asked, trying to see a teacher.

“Those?” And she had pointed to my socks. Pure white with blood-red spots.

“My socks?”


“They were a birthday present.” I was confused. These were in fashion.

The girl sniffed. “You can never keep up. They are so last year.”

And that was that. My one and only attempt at keeping up with fashion. And to top it off those socks were the most uncomfortable ever. No stretch and too tight around the ankle. Still I wore them until there was a hole. As I said, we had no money and they were a good pair of socks.

This post was inspired by the daily prompt – new sensation.

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