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Vice and Versa

The daily prompt has asked what bad habit can you not abide in others… I am fairly easy going. In fact I like to call myself a watcher.

No, not like in Buffy. I have never met a vampire, or a vampire hunter.

More like I watch people. I watch them come and go. I watch them interact. I watch their conversations and I listen.

Perhaps then I ought to be a listener?

I don’t know. But I can tell you that with every sight and sound bite I am logging it away. Your bad habit is my candy. You see you will be put in a book. If you are interesting or have a quirk, I will store it away and get it out to use in the writing.

I am working on a horror/thriller at the moment. And the idea came from a troll.

No, not a troll under a bridge. I’ve never met one of those.

A twitter troll. She (I’m assuming a she as the writing was quite melodic) diss-ed me. See, I’m down with the speak… Okay, that was bad. I’ll stop now.

Basically she threatened my life. And that got me thinking. Now, that person is in a book. No, that’s not strictly true, I am writing a book about her/him/it. And I can tell you now – it doesn’t end well for them.

My favourite mug quote at the moment is:

Please don’t annoy the writer. She may put you in a book and kill you.

Now that doesn’t mean that everyone that annoys me ends up in a story and dead. Sometimes they survive. Nor does it mean that the person will recognise themselves. Sometimes I will over exaggerate what I see or combine two or three traits to create the character I need.

What it does mean is that things that annoy people don’t me. I just smile and make a note. Mind you I am sure I do masses to annoy others, and I’m sure that my traits end up in books. Anyone who knows a writer must realise that they are a resource. For a writer everything in a resource. Even a leaf falling from a tree can make a chapter sparkle with life rather than becoming a grey monotone.

So people’s vices are, for me, stored in the cavern of my brain, like a candy store. Each bottle holding a different trait. And when I sit down to make a new person I first walk that room with a paper bag, my own form of pick and mix.

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