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Cold Turkey

I stopped dead. Picked up all the paraphernalia and put it in the cupboard. One day you could see what I did and the next it was as if the occupation had never even existed…

I’m not talking about drugs or anything damaging. Instead it was the art.

Six years ago I put all the paints, pencils and paper away. I went cold turkey.

And I didn’t pick them up for six years…


I just don’t know. I told everyone that it was because the other business had got so big I needed to concentrate on it. But the reality is that there ought to have been time to draw. I’ve always drawn.

My first memory is drawing… I always had a sketchbook in my pocket. And then one day I didn’t.

I got tired. I tried to be a commercial wildlife artist. The only problem is that I’m an artist. I paint what I want to and it only works out well because I love doing it. By then end I was twisting what I did to make ‘pretty’ pictures. They were still good but my heart wasn’t in it.

Sales dropped and I became disillusioned.

The only problem is that it could happen again. I might have to go cold turkey.

But I’ve missed it. Drawing again is like opening my arms to an old-friend. I don’t think I could put it in the cupboard again.

But I must promise myself that I will draw what I want rather than what others expect of me. Sometimes though that is very hard to resist. I will though. I have to.

This post is inspired by the daily prompt – happy endings.

24 thoughts on “Cold Turkey

    1. Saying that I could never stop anything else cold turkey… Only ever succeeded with the art. And I’m not sure that was particularly good for me. :-/

  1. Thank you for that. I used to draw dirty pictures. Don’t laugh. I was pretty good at it. I enjoyed it and one day I just stopped. I never looked back. I miss the focus, where you get lost in something for ten hours. I still get it with writing and I occasionally get it with cooking, but art was different.

    1. I get the same with writing but it is never as long or as deep as when I’m drawing. Sometimes I think a brass band could walk past while I’m drawing and I just wouldn’t notice.

      Give drawing another go – maybe find a life-drawing class near you. 🙂

      1. Yes, I agree I don’t get into the zone near as long with writing as I did with drawing. I’m fiddling a bit with drawing again. I don’t want to get distracted from writing though. Thanks again.

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