Short Stories

Through the clear glass

“You see,” the woman says pointing at the screen.

“No,” the man says.

“He just got on.”


The woman sighs and hits rewind. In exaggerated steps everyone on the London street move backwards at a maniacal pace.

“There,” she says, pointing at a man in a red beanie hat. The picture moves forward in real time. The bus indicates and pulls out onto the road. The picture is grainy and not a good quality but it just makes the grey day on the screen seem more depressing.

“Wait for it,” the woman says, not taking her eyes from the screen.

The man glances at the woman for a moment a frown marring his face.

In front of him the screen flickers and then the bus starts to lose speed. The double-decker appears to be barely crawling. Without warning the top window pops out and starts to fall from the bus. Before the man has time to register the slender piece of glass a body falls.

He leans forward and his mouth opens slightly in shock. On the screen the body, obviously a man, hits the sidewalk. He doesn’t move.

The woman looks at him with a slight smile. “We got it all on CCTV.”

The man ignores her and continues to watch. Another body is moving out of the window, but where the last tumbled out uncoordinated, this one jumps, landing on the concrete with a controlled bend of his legs.

“Do you see the difference?”

“What?” the man asks.

“Between the men?”

“So the one getting onto the bus is the perpetrator.”

“Yes,” she says.

For a moment the man looks at the screen which is frozen, showing the stopped bus.

“The hat.”

“Exactly,” she says triumphantly. “He left it behind.”


“And we have a DNA match. We’ve just got to go pick him up.”

The man now smiles. Then it fades. “What about the victim?”

“In intensive care.”

The man sneers and gets up, banging his chair back against a desk aggressively. The woman jumps a little and then looks around to make sure no one saw.

The man starts to walk away and then stops. He looks back. “Aren’t you coming? After all, this is your bust.”

This is a piece of flash fiction that was inspired by the daily prompt – groupthink.

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