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Three Wishes…

Why three? Well, I’m greedy. But if I could have three wishes for next year they would have to be these…

1. To have the ability to make small talk… I would love to talk to people without having to go through a huge rigmarole of trying to find something interesting and failing.

“So how are you Kate?”

“Oh, I’m fine…”

Big pause where I smile and look around. Not meeting the persons eyes.

“Well it was good seeing you.”

“You too,” I say.

That is the problem. By the time I know someone well enough to talk to them they have already formed an opinion. Don’t get me wrong if I am meeting people about something then I am fine – I talk about the something.

2. To be confident in my writing and art. At the moment I pepper my family with:

“Does this look alright?”


“Does this sound alright?”

I wish I could live with less reassurance. Although my family is great and they help when they can. Still, I’m sure I must get on their nerves.

3. To stop saying – “I’m sorry.” I have said it ten times today so far. I take the blame for everything, from the rain to cakes not rising.

Why? I hear you ask. The reality is I don’t know. I always have. I have had friends and family try to get me out of the habit, but I can’t, and now it so much a part of me that half the time I don’t realise I’m doing it. And it is a habit I would love to get rid of…

Well, I’ve had a look at my wishes and you know what? They can be a list of resolutions…

  1. be more outgoing
  2. be more confident in your ability
  3. only say sorry when it applies to something you have done

So there you have it. My wishes I can make come true. Wish me luck because they are going to be tricky. Especially as they are going to break a habit of a lifetime.

This prompt has been inspired by the daily prompt – brand new you, effective tomorrow.

17 thoughts on “Three Wishes…

  1. I can totally relate to you with number one. I’ve always had this fantasy about being able to just strike up conversations with total strangers–especially people who look like they’d have something really interesting to say. It’s one of the reasons I almost majored in journalism. But it always takes me too long to finally gather enough gall to do it and in that awkward silence I can never think of anything clever. Thank God for blogging–I’m much more comfortable editing a comment than trying to piece the words together in person.

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