Masters tales


I tend to write myself into an idea. Even the Dark Crystal Author Quest involved me tapping away in order to find a story within the world they had created.

Sometimes inspiration comes from an image and sometimes a word… Suddenly the idea is there, glowing but just out of reach. I then use my words to net it.

Some of my favourites are red balloon and dust. Dust is written but hasn’t been published while red balloon is still in the pile – waiting.

But what makes a good idea? Well, it has to be interesting and engaging to the reader. I find it is pot luck though as to whether you hit the jackpot or not. Some of my favourite ideas people find uninteresting and others they love.

I am just about to start something new. Not sure what. The pile is huge but I will choose something I find interesting. After all, I will have to work on it for the next couple of months. I just have everything crossed that everyone else will agree with me.

This post was inspired by the daily prompt – brainwave.

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