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Creating a world

I am writing a piece as part of the Dark Crystal Author Quest. So at the moment I am immersed in the Froud’s world of Gelflings, Skeksis, urRu and Landstriders. The Author Quest is looking for a writer of a prequel and the person who wins gets a publishing contract and a fair amount of money.

What I’ve found difficult though is to create the world and the characters because they already exist. True the populations are different, Jen and Kira haven’t been born, but the rest is the same. The brief has said that the author can create the world they want, but they must grasp the mysticism that the original ‘Dark Crystal’ movie has. Do you know how hard that is?

Well, the closing date is the 31st of December and I have about a thousand words to go. I just hope that the story I am telling is what they are looking for. Although I do feel sad that if it isn’t the writing will just disappear. It won’t be used or read and my story will gather dust. Because the world I am writing about is not my copyright I won’t be able to allow people to read it… Except a few friends.

I’m enjoying the writing process and it has taught me that it is possible to write about a world that someone else has created and add to it. Making some corner of their story your own. Even if I don’t win (a massive long-shot to even get short-listed) I will always think of the World of Thra as part my own.

The inspiration behind this post has been the daily prompt – interplanet Janet.

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