Day 14 of Nanowrimo

Word Count – 10 768

Status – Pleased

Plan – The book is coming along with planning and I can safely say I know where it is going. For a while there I thought it was a pile of pants but I think it will actually work! The characters are becoming more real and the plot has more twists in it than a twisty thing… I think it may be time to kill off another character. Decisions, decisions…

9 thoughts on “Day 14 of Nanowrimo

      1. It’s great, my ending changed right at the last min…. now 1 book becomes 2, oh well the joy of nano 🙂

        Keep writing 🙂

      2. I will. Wow! That’s all I have with my book – or rather the only solid plan. I’ve known the ending since the beginning. I do find it strange how ideas construct themselves.

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