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Release Me

The Daily Prompt has asked what is the hardest post you have put out there on the internet. It’s difficult because at lot of posts I worry about – will I upset anyone. That is my main worry. Yet the posts that have caused me my main worries have been well-received. So why do I worry?

That is part of my makeup. It is part of my dyslexia, I worry that the post is not written well or too odd… Do you know the most loved on my posts? Or rather the one people look at most is:


Yet the most difficult to write has to be any post about me or my family. Has to be the first… That first time I typed out a post and put it online. That was the scary moment.

My First Post

Would anyone read it? Would they like the way I write?

The blog sat for over a week – unpublished and abandoned while I wrestled with the prospects of becoming public. I am a bit of a recluse and the prospect of everyone looking at my thoughts was disturbing, but once I began it flowed out of me. A couple of times I have paused before hitting the ‘publish’ button but I have not stopped a post going out.

Now I am looking at becoming a full-time writer and I can safely say that the best thing I ever did was publish the blog. I have over 35 stories on here, as well as articles on publishing and writing letters to agents. I have covered things as they have happened in my life so there is little pattern to my posts.

Still, I am glad I took the plunge, even though my hand shook when I published the first post and told the world that I am a writer and a dyslexic.

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