A Strange Land

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This is a blog of two parts… The strangest place I have ever blogged and, something I knew I needed to write about as soon as I saw it.

First though… The Strangest Place!

I have blogged from my shed workshop, from the living room, study and my bedroom. I’ve blogged on holiday and at university but the strangest and most distracting has to be Starbucks. The university has a Starbucks with wifi access. Consequently a lot of students turn up and get the laptops out and start working. It’s a great place to have an over-sized coffee and biscuit, and to tap out a post or a quick story… At least it is when there are no students.

Other times it is standing room only. But during the winter most stay in their rooms which allows me to sit beside a glass wall and watch the snow fall. It feels like I am in a bubble and able to see every change in the weather. It is quiet and beautiful, lonely and yet I have company. It is the strangest place to date.

I do realise that cafes exist where you can get wifi access, but in west Wales it is sparse and for me still a novelty.

The second… a time when I knew I had to write about what had happened.

I was young, about thirteen and on one of those family holidays. Me, my brother, sister and both my parents were squeezed into a car on our way back to the caravan. Unusually we were holidaying somewhere flat – normally we would go to the mountains. You could see for miles and the sun was setting. But also the clouds had started to move in. They hung heavy in the air. You could even see where they ended and there was just a sliver of light grey sky tinged pink from the sun.

It started silently. My dad sped up – moving a little faster. The clouds became black as if the world had a roof and we were seeing it for the first time. Then the world exploded.

Lightening hit the ground and it looked like I could have opened the window and touched it. There was no thunder. There was no noise at all. Dad was travelling at the speed limit and he said to not touch the doors. We huddled in the middle of the back seat – this was way before seat belts were law. We hugged one another and strained to see.

It was my first lightning storm and the only one I have ever driven through. We made it by the way and the car wasn’t hit. But is was beautiful and scary and something that I remember with incredible clarity. I thought back then that I must write about it, and I have – today.


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