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My Top 3 Editing Tips

This is tricky, with my slight dyslexia problem editing is a nightmare. When I was studying art they used to say that you can give your work fresh eyes by looking at it with a different perspective. In the case of the art, turning it upside down.

I’ve tried this and it doesn’t work. It gives a whole new perspective on your writing but not a workable one.

But reading aloud does. So my editing tip has to be to read it out. Lock yourself away in a room and tell yourself the story. Make sure you have a pen handy as you will find mistakes. Reading in your head doesn’t work as well, at least it doesn’t for me.

So Tip 1 – Read it aloud.

Tip 2 – Leave it as long as you can and then go back to it. This is great for making the writing more concise.

Tip 3 – Get someone else to read it, but if you can’t, write another story and then go back to the first. Because your mind is on the new story you should see the one that needs editing with fresh eyes.

Good luck if you are editing, I find it the hardest job to do with writing.

3 thoughts on “Editing Tips

  1. I have the same problem dyslexia is frustrating. I don’t like editing my written work ether. Those tricks do help, but the words I do not like are ones that sound the same but mean the opposite. And if you get tired of reading it out loud sometimes you can use this tool http://cross-plus-a.com/balabolka.htm it reads text out loud.

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