Daily Prompt – Your Life, the book

Your Life, the book

Tricky one… Would I want my life story to be written? I mean that would be all the secrets, or at least some. And people would know you and they could verify the stories. What if you remembered one wrong? What if something that you had done in the past that wasn’t nice got out? People would judge you…

I’m honest and I don’t think I could edit out the bad bits. When you write you realise pretty quickly that you have to make your characters larger than life, make their lives so much more than your own. But if you are writing a biography or autobiography unless something extraordinary had happened everything will be very normal. And who wants to read about normal?

If I were to write a book about me, I would have to wait until those in it wouldn’t care. Perhaps I’ll leave notes if I think it is a story worth telling, and someone could write it after I’ve shrugged off my mortal coil. But to leave yourself that exposed… I don’t think I could do it now and sleep at night.

If I did decide to create my life in book form then I would have to write it. After all, although I would be biased, there was no one else looking over my shoulder. The only eye-witness to the whole of my life is… well… me.

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