Dyslexic tales

How to write and live… And Happy New Year!

On the 29th December a blogger I follow called Cristian Mihai wrote a blog called You either write or live. In it Cristian quotes:

“The more you write, the less you feel alive,” says Jonathan Fisher.

Cristian then goes on to agree… Except I don’t.

If you write or you live then there would be a lot of people hidden away in attics, leading reclusive lives. Now I’m not saying I’m a social butterfly, because I’m not. But nor do find that I am not ‘living’ because I’m writing. I suppose it has become more of a job, but I refuse to stop experiencing. Sure if I go out to have a go at something… like last year I helped a local conservation centre build a compost loo ….I will remember and even write down some ideas in a small book I carry with me all the times, but I don’t stand on the sidelines and just watch. Where would the fun be in that?

I am aware that I live a quiet life; looking after a smallholding, running a soft toy manufacturing business and writing, but I love to do new things. I’ve also crewed a schooner across the English Channel, and have hunted for dinosaur footprints near Scarborough UK. I don’t stop at anything nor to I hang back out-of-the-way just watching. I experience it, and enjoy it. If anything the more I write the more I remember and feel alive as I relive all those experiences, whether its using the smell of the sea or the sound of a laugh in a story. They are all things that have meant something to me. Maybe one day I will not be transported into a memory and then writing may not hold it’s appeal, but at the moment I write to feel.

So my New Years resolution is to do ten new things – things that I have never done before (one of which I’m hoping will be a lobster dinner as I’ve never eaten one) and to include them all in a story or perhaps even in a book. That way not only will I feel them again but so will other people.

Happy New Year!


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