Masters tales


This is a bit of advice I’ve been given by a friend…

A masters is as good as you make it.

Cryptic or what! Except it really is. Half the exercises or essays are optional, so you can do them or not. I’ve chosen to do them, or at least as many as I possibly can but if I wanted to do the bare minimum then I would not have a lot of work to do.

I think though that if the lecturers have set the work then they must assume you require it to get better. I’m already seeing differences… Take this for example…

The following extract is from a piece I wrote before the ‘taster lessons’ (the workshops are run by Dr Dic Edwards throughout the summer as a writers club at no extra charge):

…to me the sea smells alive, and tonight especially it appears to be a living breathing thing…

During these taster sessions I wrote:

…his suit was dark blue and his shirt a lighter shade, an impressive figure, but as the crowd parted around him like the sea around an immovable rock he found himself completely ignored…

Now I think the bottom one gives you more imagery to work with; you are there and can see the man in his suit, and even feel how the crowd moves. This is what I want from the masters, and if it means I have to write a lot, then so be it.

So the advice is something I’d like to pass on, dyslexic or not, do as much work as you can. Make a nuisance of yourself and be happy when everyone say “yes Kate what can I do for you today” rather than “yes”.

Get to know the library staff and the IT staff. They are invaluable, and if you need student support then go in and introduce yourself, don’t just turn up when you want something. In Trinity the registry, student finance and student support are all next to each other and they all know my name although I’ve only had to speak with the registry so far. Which shows just how much of a pest I can be.

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