Dyslexic tales

Part-time or full-time

The main question once I’d decided to go for a masters was whether to do it part-time or full-time. I think that had it been any other course apart from this one, I would have chosen part-time… but Trinity’s creative writing is taught only one day a week – Wednesdays.

So as far as the business is concerned I take my Sunday on Wednesday, allowing me to go to all the lessons, and the Sunday has become a normal working day. Sounds tough? Perhaps but a University term is only 10 weeks long. As long as I keep up with the work then there should be no problem… At least that’s the theory, in practice it may be a little more awkward.

“What about the assignments?” I hear you cry. Well okay yes there are at least 3000 words to do a week without other assignments that you can elect to do, but I can always work after, before and around the toys and art… Again in theory.
I just realised there are a lot of ‘ifs’ in my theory but if I don’t try then I won’t know, and that is the worst. As a dyslexic of a certain age I was forever told as a child that I couldn’t do something. Although at the time they just saw me as sub-normal the sentiment was the same. I couldn’t become a vet, something I truly longed for as a youngster and it has always left me wondering… what if… what if I’d tried? Of course you can dream all you want but my C, D, E and N at A-levels would never have got me into a veterinary school, but still sometimes when the sky is blue and the sun hits the horizon just so I think what if…

I refuse to have anymore what ifs. I may try and I may fail but at least I’ll know. And anyway I have an inkling that although it’s going to be hard I will be able to do this as a full-time course.

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