A big idea?

Last week I found out that the university was running something called the Big Pitch… I’ve had this idea for a key stage 3/4 Tudor colouring book. It is still in a planning stage although I have done a load of the drawings.

So I did the Big Pitch

3 minutes for a presentation in front of a number of people; bankers and business people.

Then a wait…

Then I was told – you have got it!

What? I didn’t really believe it.

You have got it.

So for 3 minutes and an awful lot of nerves I have been given some cash and an office to get the idea off the ground.

Thank you Swansea University!

It does mean that I don’t need to get a job. That I can continue to write, for this year at least. And hopefully the colouring book will get out of the planning stages and into production.

Now I have got to work on distribution…

6 thoughts on “A big idea?

  1. brilliant Kate – so pleased you are being recognised for the talent you are



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