Merry Christmas and all that

So I have been absent… I know, I’m terrible when I forget to blog. But life has been unexpected. I started the PhD and then it got mad!

Turns out you need to do loads of work to get a PhD and I mean LOADS. I’ve been told that I will need to read a minimum of 80 books for it… Eek…

I’ll get there but it is scary. Sometimes the words jump or wobble on the page. Then I have to give it time. Even if there is no time to give. So far the supervisors are being patient with me and I’m just hoping I can keep up.

Creatively I’m working on a new piece about a patient in Bedlam. I’m playing around with stuff and enjoying it. But it has come at a cost.

The academic work and the creative work have meant that the children’s Tudor colouring book has sat on the side and the graphic novellette that is meant to run alongside is still waiting for it’s first illustration… I will get there.

I suppose you could argue that I ought to make a new years resolution but I’m not going to. I always fail them. I never lose the right amount of weight or become as successful as I want, so this year my resolution is simply to be happy. No pressure. Do what I can and above all, not to stress the small stuff.

And I do mean not to stress. It’s silly that I worry so much about little things, like sentence structure, especially as all that can be picked up in the editing. I ought to stop worry and just write.



Be Happy

That is it.

How about the rest of you?

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