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I am not sure why but I cling to the fact I will make it as an artist and writer. Stubbornly so. By my fingernails most of the time.

I refuse to give up.

Some say that I ought to have made it before now… But I maintain that there is just myself to blame. I am not good at marketing. I’m terrible. I mean you are reading this blog – are you aware that I have 9 books published, original artwork for sale and a society 6 account?

Probably not.


Because I hate to market myself. I just hate it. It is almost like I’m begging people to buy stuff. Except I have to do some publicity.

Ugh! It is such a catch 22. If I don’t then no one can find me but if I do it too much then I’m like a nagging person and everyone stops reading me.

I thought about putting a paypal button on the blog, but that really goes against the grain. So I will cling to the fact I have good stuff out there. People have just got to find it.

With that in mind here is the latest to hit society 6


And look! It comes as a notebook. I think that is so cool….


I love that… Might even get myself one – which I know is against the whole selling thing but I can’t help it – I will be writing in my own notebook with my own artwork on the front!!! Wow…

So until I suddenly become a marketing whiz (don’t hold your breath) I will continue to bumble though my life… Clinging to the fact I will make it one day.

Inspired by the daily prompt – cling


8 thoughts on “Cling

  1. Don’t blame you. I’m terrible at “marketing” as well. I do fine w/ general marketing type stuff on FB & Twitter but when it comes to talking to someone individually I lack confidence. Best of luck to you. Don’t let people tell you can’t.

  2. Define, “having made it.” To someone like me, who can’t draw a stick person, you are immensely successful! I could not even imagine creating anything that another human would desire to look upon, much less consider spending their cash to own. It’s all in the perspective!

    1. I agree… For me it would be not having to worry about bills, but it is also about getting my work to be seen and read. In which case I have already half made it. It’s complicated…

  3. You know YOU have the talent! YOU know we love your art work & writings! YOU can’t keep it hidden from the rest of the world! Every time you have a sale should make YOU feel so proud of yourself! 👍🙆😊🏆

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