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I am writing about the Gone… It is the name of my series of books. Yes, it is a zombie-type horror but it is also about humour, friendship and love. I question who the monsters are.

Are they the mindless creatures that wonder the world, locked in never-ending hunger or are they the people out to exterminate them?

But then I have always loved to question the social norms. So if you fancy have a look then please do. It is available on Kindle Unlimited, Amazon or if you like reading blogs then have a look at how it started life.

You see, two years ago I had never written a book, short stories – yes, but never a full length novel. So I decided to follow in the footsteps of Charles Dickens and I serialised my first novel on a wordpress blog. It worked. I wrote it over a year and it is now a published book. And right this minute I am writing the second one. In fact, everything is going well and I’m hoping it will be finished in the next month or so.

And I’m still questioning who are the monsters…

the gone

Inspired by the daily prompt – gone


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