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I am working on a series for hares. I love the animal and think they are calming. So as it is almost time to pop some art in the hospital for the Christmas period I decided to start the series that has been playing around in my head. It is actually 5 pieces but the hospital will only take two of them…

So this is the first…

And it is finished! Whoop…

So I showed my Mum…

“It’s a hare.”

“Yes,” I said.

“It’s a sitting hare.”


“Everyone draws hares…” she said. Not evilly, she’s making a valid point. I’m a member of an art group and at one time or another we have all drawn a hare. I saw mine in Northern Ireland… They are much larger than you think they are.

It got me thinking. Is my artwork a bit of a copycat. Am I just jumping on the band wagon? Or , as I hope, am I showcasing my style and saying something about the animal?

I don’t know…

Here is the second piece. It isn’t finished and is a little more unusual.


All in all the five pieces will try to capture what I saw. My own point of view – so they can’t be copycat-like… Can they?

I’m not going to stop though because so far I love them. And I do think they say something else, but it has got me thinking…

Inspiration for this post from the daily prompt – Copycat


14 thoughts on “Copycat

  1. Your artwork is fabulous and shows a lot of talent. Keep drawing what you know and love. The fact that the drawing consists of multiple strokes done in your own hand makes them original to you and not a copycat at all.

  2. Great art work! No you are not a copycat! Why you ask? Because they don’t have your vision of seeing what you are seeing. You see color, structure, shade totally different than someone else. Remember you are an original and so is your art work – keep it up!!!!

      1. Sure do! If I’m not sure, I save it as a draft, go back & read it again. When I feel comfortable (which good be never) then I post it. Take it as good practice!

    1. Love drawing raptors as well. For next year (2018) I’m going to be bringing out some calendars and I was playing around with the idea one of them was raptors…

  3. Oh Kate I just love your work (as you know) and I love hares. I see another commission coming – LOL. Keep it up.

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