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My personality is a little subdued, at least some of the time. I take pleasure in the small stuff; creating a good sentence or having the wind in my face. Sure I can be bubbly and over the top but it isn’t the everyday me.

I can hold the bubbly Kate for a good day, but after that it can slip. People ask me if I am alright or if there is anything wrong. There isn’t. I am just becoming more like myself. The everyday me that you will meet if you come to the workshop. It’s this person I am when I’m comfortable with someone.

I’m quiet and am happy to just be in others company. I don’t need to talk or hold a conversation with someone, sometimes I just enjoy their presence. Those people are the ones I feel missing. When I turn and smile at an empty place because I’m expecting someone behind me, that is when I know I’m totally myself with them. I feel like something is missing but no matter how many times I check my handbag everything is there. Then it can hit me that it is the person I am missing, not a thing.

But I don’t shout it from the roof tops. Instead in my own subdued way I carry on and wonder if I told them would they be happy or sad?

Inspiration from the daily prompt – subdued.

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