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So far today has been disagreeable… I hate taking time out of my work – I love drawing and writing and the deadlines I have are slowly getting closer. In fact, some are not so slow in arriving. But today I had to go into town. I needed to see the bank.

Now I like my bank. They are nice to me… But today their ears must have been burning.

I traveled to Lampeter, about 25 minutes away, as it is the closest town with a bank. These are Welsh roads though. In our house it is a joke, there is no way the Romans got this far. Instead we have to contend with roads made from old tracks and drover ways. That isn’t too bad but they went around everything. Some of the roads I bet they even went around sheep. I love Wales and the roads but when you are in a rush it isn’t great…

So I get to Lampeter in the rain and find… the bank closed.


Yep – every Wednesday they are closed. Then my phone beeps. The latest payment to paypal has been ‘paused’ because it needs ‘checking’.


So I now have a paused payment (what does that even mean) and a cheque I can’t get into my bank account.

Today is being very disagreeable. But the optimist in me says it can only get better… I hope.

From the daily prompt – disagree


2 thoughts on “Disagree

  1. I love your description of Welsh roads. Our roads are not quite so old, but I can always tell an old town by the crooked layout of the streets.
    Good luck figuring out PayPal.

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