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Art and a new WIP

I’m working on something new and it is made up from tiny 7cm square pencil drawing canvases… They are fiddly but eventually they will make up a larger canvas. The only problem is that I have 8 to do…

It is to signify people and their diversity living in the same place. Of course all these people aren’t from the same place. They are randoms I have collected over the years and ones I have found on Flickr without any copyright restrictions. But still they will convey what I want them to.

Hopefully if these work I can do another one using local people only and then move out. Maybe this is a series in the making but for the moment this is a trial run. Although I will be exhibition it next month at the Minerva Arts Centre, Llanidloes from the 24th Oct to the 8th Nov.

All exciting and very time consuming especially as I have left myself a little short on time.


My artwork can be bought as originals from Artfinder or on Society 6 or Zippi as prints.

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